Safeer Hypermarket UAE Ramadan Offers | New Catalog & Promotions

The Safeer Hypemarket UAE has announced Hot Deals for various Items, Fresh Fruit, Vegetable, Small Electronic Items, Grocery, Body Care Products, Edible items and many more. The validity of Safeer Hypermarket Wonder Deals is 26th May 2020

Promotions Safeer Hypermarket

Hypermarkets are of great importance mostly in the Gulf countries because many of the Shoppers are often dependent on hypermarkets there. In this article today, we will share with the readers the Safeer Hypermarket which is located in the United Arab Emirates. In this article, we will also share the product specifications which are available in the Hypermarket for the local shoppers. Safeer Hypermarket has several outlets, malls and also hypermarket stops for all of the people who are living in the Gulf countries.

Introduction Of Safeer Hypermarket UAE

Al Safeer Group is a diversified conglomerate that provides the local shoppers of the United Arab Emirates region a variety of shopping and entertainment-related products. The hypermarkets of the Al Safeer group include many interesting things for all of the shoppers who visit their malls daily such as interests in retail, shopping malls, cinemas, food outlets, real estate, furniture, manufacturing, advertising, trading and more. The Al safeer group is fuelled in its corporate vision of ‘excellence in service’ by a team of over 5000 dedicated professionals under the able stewardship of founder chairman & CEO, J.P. Kalwani and group coo, Mahesh J. Kalwani.

Details Of Safeer Hypermarket


Al Safeer

Established in


Number of stores


Official website


Helplines For The Customer

While in a need of any help regarding any product that you have bought from the Safeer Hypermarket located in UAE then you can contact on the following helpline number as provided by the mall’s concerned authorities:-

  • Address-O. Box 22320, Industrial Area 1, Behind Sharjah City Center Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
  • Telephone- +971 532-535-3
  • FAX- +971 531-603-0
  • E-mail-

Locations of Safeer Hypermarket In UAE

If you visit the UAE and you want to also visit the Safeer Hypermarket then you can get the Hypermarket in the following locations:-




Opening Timings

Phone Number

Safeer Market Al Khan

Al Khan Street

Sharjah, UAE

9 AM

+971 6 528 9977

Safeer Hypermarket Dhaid


Sharjah, UAE


9 AM

+971 6 882 5499

Safeer Hypermarket Jurf

Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid St

Ajman, UAE

9 AM

+971 6 749 9385


Safeer Hypermarket Mushrif

Ajman, Mushrif

Ajman, UAE

9 AM

+971 6 749 5433

Products Available in Safeer Hypermarket UAE

The products at Safeer hypermarkets are of great quality plus many products are of diverse quality and quantity. When you will visit the Safeer Hypermarket you will get the products of different brands and also different prices. The products at Safeer Hypermarket include many worthy and big brands such as Parachute, Nestle, Dove, Pepsi, etc. These hypermarkets include iconic brands spans numerous product categories, consumer demographics, sales channels, and geographies.

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