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If we talk about hypermarket and retailer shops that are situated in the UAE, we cannot leave behind the famous Carrefour hypermarket chains which were developed back in the olden days and have been standing strong in the competitions of the retailers since very long. In this article today, we will share with our readers the details about different types of products that are available in the Carrefour Hypermarket especially in the area of the United Arab Emirates.

Introduction of Carrefour Hypermarket

The Carrefour supermarket was developed by a French organization. It has many foods and hypermarket chains in the world. Although, it was introduced to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market in 1995 by Majid Al Futtaim. Thus, it has been one of the most famous hypermarkets and the retailer shop since its development by its founder. It consists of more than 21,000 employees from more than 68 nationalities in 12 countries.

Details Of Carrefour UAE Hypermarket

Name of the mall

Carrefour Hypermarkets

Number of stores


Established year


Official Website

Helpline Numbers UAE Carrefour

If you have any problem related to any products in the Carrefour Hypermarket chains in UAE then you can contact on the following helpline numbers given below:-

  • 800-732-32

Carrefour Stores Directory In UAE

There are many Carrefour stores located in the United Arab Emirates. The list of almost all of the stores in UAE is given below:-



Closing time

Phone number

Carrefour store

Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

12 AM

+971 800 73232

Carrefour store

Dubai – United Arab Emirates

12 AM

 +971 800 73232


Carrefour store

United Arab Emirates

12 AM

+971 800 73232


Carrefour store

United Arab Emirates

12 AM

+971 800 73232

Carrefour store

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

12 AM

+971 800 73232

Carrefour store

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

12 AM

+971 800 73232

Carrefour store

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

12 AM

+971 800 73232

Carrefour store

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

12 AM

+971 800 73232

Carrefour store

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

12 AM

+971 800 73232

Carrefour store

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

12 AM

+971 800 73232

Quality Of The Products

There is a wide range of products available in the Carrefour hypermarket chains which are situated in the United Arab Emirates. The chain of products ranges from daily use to inferior goods. Also, you can find fresh foods for your baby as well as an adult in this Carrefour Hypermarket which is available all around the Gulf countries. Also, the Carrefour Hypermarket has special brands of products available which are mostly fresh and are good in taste and quality.

Details Of Products Available under Carrefour

There are different types of products available for the customers in the UAE if they visit Carrefour retailers or hypermarkets. The details of the product availability are given below:-

Product Category



Food and drinks

Milk, cheese, and eggs

Milk and milk

Cheese and labneh

Yogurt and candy

Egg, Gracious

Meat, fish, and poultry



Fish and seafood

Meat, poultry and canned fish

Fruits and vegetables

Olives and pickles

Frozen vegetables and fruits

Canned vegetables and fruits

Bakery and pastries


Cakes, tart, and pastries

Salty pastries

Candies and sweets


Biscuits, cookies, and crackers

Candies, mouthwash, frankincense



Juices and iced tea

Energy drinks and soft drinks

Tea and herbs

Coffee and cocoa

Oil, butter, and ghee




Canned food

Breakfast Cereal

Canned fruits and vegetables

Frozen fruits and vegetables

Canned meat, poultry, and fish

Pasta, noodles, and pasta



Ground beans

Nuts and seeds

Chips and crackers

Jam and honey

Home cooking and baking

Organic and healthy foods

Organic food

Diet and fitness


Household supplies

Cleaning products

Plastic and paper products and single-use

Air fresheners and household fresheners

Beauty and health

Personal care and hygiene

Women’s care products

Men’s shavers

Personal care

Oral care products

Cosmetics and Care



Beauty tools and accessories

Skin and body lotions

Bath and body products


Hair Center



Hair dyes

Child World

Baby food and nutrition

Baby food

Baby supplies



Hygiene and skincare for the child

Child health and safety

Gift sets for children

Pet Center

Pet food

Pet food

Pet supplies

House and furniture

Festive decorations


Celebration lighting

Party decorations

Celebration trees

Household equipment





Create it yourself

Electrical Tools

Hand tools

Thermal insulation materials

Power tools




External sessions





Charcoal and barbecue accessories


Camping accessories

Air beds

Sleeping bags

Camping chairs


Camping tables


Take care of the garden

External lights

Plants and seeds

Tools and accessories

Travel luggage


Trolley bags

External games

Swimming pool

Jumping platforms

Garden furniture

Glass and Metal Garden Set

Garden furniture

External accessories

External storage

Plastic Group for Gardens

Umbrellas and pillows

Plastic tables and chairs

Bamboo Garden Set

Wood set for gardens

Household items

Kitchen and food

Cooking utensils

Made tools

kitchen tools

Make your own outdoor and home



Flashlights and emergency lighting

Home care

House cleaning

The kitchen world

Tableware and disposable use

the laundry

Cleaning and care of clothes






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