LULU Hypermarket Offers Saudi Arabia | Lulu Eid Mubarak Offer

The lulu hypermarket in Saudi Arabia has released special discount offers upon various Electronic items, Grocery, Body Care products, LED TV’s, Smartphone, Fresh Foods, Vegetables, Meat Items, Edible items and many more. Download LULU Hypermarket Latest Promotions Catalogue and grab all the discount offers as per your suitability. 

Latest Catalogue of Lulu Hypermarket

In the Gulf region of the world, LuLu Hypermarket is of great specialty and of great standards. Today under our article, we will share with our readers the products which are available in the LuLu Hypermarket chains in Saudi Arabia region of the world. In this article, we will share with the readers the speciality of the products which are available for the customers who are visiting the LuLu Hypermarket in Saudi Arabia this festive season. With the truckload of offers and a truckload of discounts, lulu hypermarkets are one of the fastest-growing retailer chains in the Gulf countries.

Tamimi Markets Saudi Arabia

Introduction of LULU Hypermarket Offers

The LuLu hypermarkets are said to symbolize quality retailing all over the world by different shoppers. The retailing chains have almost 185 stores all over the gulf region. Thus, the LuLu hypermarkets are immensely popular with the discerning shoppers across the Gulf region. It offers an ultra-modern shopping experience by providing all of the needs of the customers in one place and under one roof. It offers sprawling parking spaces, play areas for children, food court, money exchange and bank counters, etc.

Details Of LULU Hypermarket Saudi Arabia

Name of the mall LuLu hypermarkets
Number of stores 10
Established year 2000
Official Website

Helplines For The Customer

While facing any problem regarding any product you purchased from the LuLu Hypermarket in Saudi Arabia, you can contact on the following contact helpline numbers given by the concerned authorities:-

  • Phone Number- 600 540048           
  • Email-

Store Details of LULU Hypermarket Saudi Arabia

The Lulu stores in Saudi Arabia are located in the following locations given below:-

Name Location Closing time Phone number
LuLu Hypermarket, Jeddah Jeddah Saudi Arabia   1 AM +966 12 665 6259
Lulu Hypermarket Dammam Saudi Arabia 1 AM +966 13 833 9595
Lulu Mall Al Hofuf Saudi Arabia 1 AM +966 13 582 7334
LuLu Hypermarket Riyadh Avenue Mall, Murabba Riyadh Saudi Arabia 1 AM +966 11 402 6655  
Lulu Xpress Al Jubail Saudi Arabia · In Galleria Mall 1 AM +966 13 367 2399
Lulu Hypermarket Buqayq Saudi Arabia Open 24 hours +966 14 646 9571
LuLu Hypermarket Al Khobar Saudi Arabia 1 AM  +966 13 894 7575
LuLu Hypermarket, Hail Hail Saudi Arabia 1 AM +966 16 532 8228
Lulu Hypermarket, Al Ahsa Al Hofuf Saudi Arabia 1 AM +966 13 573 1155  

Details Of The Products

The LuLu Hypermarket in Saudi Arabia provides many different categories of products to the customers that visit there daily. Given below is the specification of the products which are available for the shoppers in Saudi Arabia if they visit the LuLu Hypermarket chains:-

Type Category Subcategory Products
Grocery Food Cupboard             World Foods Arabic Food Chinese Filipino Food Indian Food Mexican Food Other Ethnic Foods Srilankan Food Thai
Canned Foods Canned Vegetables Canned Beans Canned Meat Canned Fish Canned Fruits Soups
Baking & Sweeteners Home Baking Sweeteners & Sugar  Dressings & Table Sauces Cooking Sauces Condiments Pickles
Frozen Food Ice cream & Pastry Ready Meals & Snacks Meat & Poultry Fish & Seafood Fruits & Vegetables Frozen Dairy Burgers
Cooking Ingredients Oils & Vinegar Pulses, Spices & Herbs Salt & Pepper  Rice, Pasta & Noodles Rice Pasta & Noodles
Biscuits Confectionery Biscuits Chocolates  Chips & Snacks Chips Snacks Popcorn Nuts & Dates
Hot Beverages Tea Coffee Chocolates and Malted Drinks Longlife Milk Powdered Milk
Soft Drinks Water Juice Chilled Juice Sports Nutrition
Breakfast & Spreads Cereals Oats & bars Jams & Spreads Cheese Spreads Cold Beverages
Baby and Kids Food & Drinks Baby Food Baby Drinks
Baby Care           Baby Shower & Bath Baby Cream & Lotion Baby Care Diapers/Wipes
Health and Beauty           Facial & Skin Care Cream & Lotion Facial Care Eye Care Foot Care Talc
Perfumes Men’s Perfume Women’s Perfume
Makeup Eye Face Lips Accessories Nails Makeup Gift Sets Body Skincare  Premium
Hair Care Shampoo & Conditioners Creams, Oils & Spray Colorants
Healthy Lifestyles Grooming Health Monitors Hair Dryers & Curlers Personal Care
Men’s Toiletries Blades & Razors Shave Prep & After Shave Men’s Deodorants & Fragrance
Dental & Health Care Dental Care
Bath, Shower & Soap Bath & Wash Care  
Feminine Care Feminine Hygiene Female Deodorants & Fragrance
Household Cleaning Bleach, Disinfectants & Wipes Glass,Carpet & Polish Kitchen Cleaners Scrubbers & Cloths Gloves Brushes, Mops & Buckets Toilet Cleaners Toilet Blocks Air Fresheners Candles Spray & Aerosols Car Fresheners Air Freshener Gels & Crystals
Dishwashing   Washing Up Liquid Dishwasher Liquid Dishwasher Tablet
Food Storage   Garbage Bags Food Bags Cling Film & Wrap Aluminum Foil Aluminum Tray Disposables
Paper Goods   Kitchen Rolls Toilet Rolls Facial Tissues  Electrical Accessories
Lights & Bulbs Batteries Plugs & Extensions Power Tools
Laundry Washing Powder Liquids & Concentrates Fabric Conditioners Stain Removers Laundry Accessories
Home Essentials Insecticides Shoe Polish Pooja Needs Bin, Baskets & Storage Car Accessories Outdoor Other Household
Pets Pet Food Pet Care
Fresh food Fresh Meat & Fish Fresh Beef & Veal Fresh Lamb & Mutton Fresh Fish Fresh Chicken & Poultry Fresh Chicken Delicatessen Cooked Meats Olives & Pickles  
Fresh Juice & Salads Fresh Juice Salads & Pizzas  
Bakery Cakes Bread & Wraps Croissants Sweets  
Dairy, Eggs & Cheese   Fresh Dairy Butter & Margarine Cheese Eggs  
Mobiles and Gadgets   Mobiles Smart Phones Feature Phones Mobile Accessories  
Computer Devices Laptops Convertibles Gaming Laptops All In One & Desktops Softwares  
Tablets Tablet Tablet Accessories  
PC Accessories Printers & Scanners Printer Cartridges Routers Wi-Fi Range Extenders CCTV/IP Cameras External Storages Monitors IT Accessories  
Wearable Gadgets Smart Watches Fitness Trackers  
Gaming Consoles   Titles Gaming Accessories Digital Cards  
Fashion                 Women Accessories Scarves Fashion Accessories
Bags & Wallets Hand Bags Wallets
Lingerie Bras Panties
Night Wear   Pyjama Sets Night Dress
Foot Wear   Sandals Sports
Bottoms   Leggings and Jeggings
Tops   T-Shirts Tops and Blouses Jackets and Sweaters
Kids   Girls T-Shirts Tops Jeans & Leggings Shorts & Skirts
Boys   T-Shirts Shirts Jeans & Trousers Shorts
Men   Tops T-Shirts Polos Shirts Jackets and Sweaters
Bottoms Pants Foot Wear Formals Casuals Sports Accessories Wallets Inner Wear Briefs Vests
Electronics   TV   65″ & Above 56″ – 65″ 44″ – 55″ 32″ – 43″        
Camera Store SLR Cameras Digital Cameras Action Camera Camera Accessories  
Audio Soundbars & Home Theatres Bluetooth Speakers Headphones Musical Instruments  

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