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Exclusive Offer Of Sultan Center

The sultan’s centers were inaugurated back in the year 1999 and with one of the stores inaugurated the Sultan Center became one of the leading retail stores in the Gulf countries. The story has products ranging from Fresh Food to also non-food products such as electronics and the products of daily use which are essential to lead a healthy and happy life. In this article today, we will share with you the specifications of the products which are available for shoppers if they try to visit the Sultan Centre in Oman.

Introduction Of Sultan Center Oman

The Sultan Center Shuwaikh was the first-self service retail store in Kuwait. It came into power and was inaugurated on 1981. Also, some of the other stores were open right after the development of the first Sultan center in Kuwait. Also, the Sultan centers in Kuwait, are a sign of pride and dignity for all of the customers who had connected over the time to it.  The Sultan centers have almost 65 stores in five countries over the globe. They always supply goods of important quality and also fresh fruits from around the world and to around the world.

Nesto Hypermarket Oman 

Details Of Sultan Center Oman

Name Sultan Center
Established in 1999
Number of stores 3
Official website

Helpline Number

You have any problem related to any products that are available at the Sultan Center in Oman then you can contact on the following helpline number as produced by the concerned authorities:-

  • Phone- +968 800 74447

Locations Of Sultan Center Stores In Oman

If you visit Oman and you are planning to visit the Sultan Centre then you can find the Sultan Centre hypermarkets or retail shops on the following location:-

Name Location Timings Number
Azaiba Muscat 7 to 1 AM +96824490860
Al Khoud Near Al-Khoud round 7 to 1 AM +96824541701
Qurum Muscat 7 to 1 AM +968 80074447
Mawaleh Seeb 7 to 12 AM +968 24535246
Qurayat Ahshahbary 7 to 12 AM +968 24845751

Products Available

If you visit the Sultan centers in Oman you can get the following food products or non-food products available at the counters in the malls:-

Categories Sub Categories Products
Fresh Food CHEESE & DELI Cheese By Milk Type Cheese By Texture Cheese Pre-Packed Deli Meat & Seafood Labneh Olives & Pickles Cheese Platter  
FRUIT & VEG Fruits Fresh Vegetables Fresh Herbs Dates
MEAT & SEAFOOD   Fresh Meat Fresh Fish & Seafood Fresh Chicken & Poultry Marinations Processed & Butchers Counter
BAKERY Croissant Fatayer & RollsRusk & Kaak TreatsBreads
SANDWICHES & SALADSDAIRY Eggs Cream Cheese Pre-Packed Labneh Custard & Desserts Yogurt Butter Milk Juices
Food BABY     Baby Bath & Toiletries Nappies Baby Milk & Formula Baby Food & Drink Baby Wipes Baby Soothers & Teethers
FROZEN   Ice Cream Frozen Meats Frozen Fish & Seafood Frozen Potatoes & Crisps Frozen Chicken & Poultry Frozen Vegetables  
SNACK & BEVERAGE   Water Biscuits Chocolate Carbonated Soft Drinks Non-Alcoholic Beverages Organic Snacks & Beverage Candy Sweets & GumChips Snacks & NutsJuices Tea Coffee Milk Sports & Energy Drinks Other Beverages Protein Supplements
GROCERY Sauces Home Bake & Sugar Rice Pasta & Noodles Organic Food Canned FoodSoups & Stocks Oil & Ghee Cereals Super Foods Spreads & Jams Pulses & Nuts Spices Foods Of The World Dried Fruits
Non Food Pets Cat Care & Accessories Cat Food Dog Food Dog Care & Accessories Other Pets Food
TOBACCO SHOP Cigarettes & Cigarettes Accessories Cigars & Cigars Accessories Pipes & Pipe Tobacco Matches & Lighters
HEALTH & BEAUTY   Hair Care Bath Shower & SoapSkin care Men’s Toiletries Feminine Essentials Deodorants & Antiperspirant Hand Sanitizers & Wipes Medicines Oral Care Well-Being Suncare Hair Removal
CLEANING & HOME CARE Dishwashing Household Essentials Laundry Room Scrubbers Sponges & Gloves Cleaning Air Fresheners Disposable Tableware Food Wraps And Storage Disinfectants Tissues & Kitchen Towels
Home Living Outdoor Coolers Tables & Chairs Barbecue Camping Gear Outdoor Charcoal
Luggage & Bags Cabin Bags Hard Case Luggage Soft Case Luggage
Bathroom Bathroom Accessories Robes & Slippers Towels & Napkins
Bedroom Bedsheets Blanket Cabinet Accessories Comforters & Quilts
Decor Candles & Fragrances Clocks Frames & Accessories Cushions & Throws Rugs & Mats Vases & Flowers
Kitchen & Dining Bakeware Cookware Drinkware Kitchen Tools Tableware
Toys & Games     Battery-Operated Toys Blocks, Puzzles Girls Toys Infants & Pre-school Playsets R/C Cars & helicopters

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